About Us

The starting point of Akartas Holding was the establishment of Pacific Shipping Agency at Izmit, Turkey back in 1999 by Burak Akartas, founder and president of our Holding today. The agency developed to Pacific Shipping Group, a dynamic maritime group, active in all aspects of shipping, from chartering to operations and technical management to logistics. In the meantime the ever evolving Turkish economy and Turkey’s geopolitical position led to our strategy for investing in construction, real estate, IT technology and logistics


Pacific Shipping Group manages today a fleet of ten dry cargo vessels ranging from mini bulkers to Supramax sizes operating worldwide. The Group holds a predominant position in the Mediterranean and Black Sea and West Africa where its mini-bulkers fleet is mainly active, transporting cargoes of grains to steel products and fertilizers to gypsum boards. The Group via its chartering department has developed an extensive network for charterers and shipowners covering general cargoes to project transports and logistics.

Our Pacific Shipping Agency with its headquarters at Izmit, the heart of Turkey’s trade, import and export, continues to serve over 1.000 vessels annually calling the ports of Izmit Gulf, ports all around Turkey and crossing the Turkish straits.

Construction and real estate

Mr. Burak Akartas is a graduate civil engineer and Ritrakons Construction Company was established to explore the advantages of the continuously booming construction sector in Turkey. Ritrakons immediately commenced with the construction of a high technology building at Izmit and is actively involved in construction projects around Istanbul greater area.

The real estate potential is ever present in Turkey and Akartas Tourism and Construction Company was formed to explore this potential seeking opportunities and matching these opportunities with the right finance and investment.

IT technology

We recognized the importance of IT technology from our start point and we always invested on latest hardware and software and when necessary developing our own software.

We realized the necessary specialization in this sector and we further progressed with the formation of Kocaeli Burada dedicated in internet media and site development respectively.

Logistics and trade

We consider logistics a craftsmanship and a service tailor made for the needs of the client, of the charterer, of the trader. We understand the idiosyncrasies involved in each project and decided to implement our know how in Caspian Trans LLC. The company was formed in 2001 and as its name implies is here to serve each and every need of transport in the Caspian Region and surrounding countries, whether this need calls for land, sea or air transport or a combination of all, in other words a multimodal door to door service.

Our continuous maritime involvement with the transport of wood products, from wood chips to biomass made us experts in this trade field and we formed Trade Marine in 2014 to offer the advantages of our know-how and our contacts from the producer to the end buyer.