The Pacific Shipping Group of Companies of today started back in 1999 as Pacific Shipping Agency serving shipowners in Turkish ports.


Ritracons is a newcomer in the construction sector with a young and ambitious core team. The team members are civil engineers and architects aspiring to combine sound engineering with the art of living whether the building is designed for business, family or the community.


It is a software and design office that meet industries’ software solutions in a global scale and produces security and user-friendly software.


Caspian Trans Co was established in 2001 to serve the transport and logistics needs of countries bordering the Caspian Sea from any origin and to any destination worldwide.

Other Sectors

Our company in the food industry serves about the technical infrastructure of the market, installation and methods.

Akartaş Holding

The starting point of Akartas Holding was the establishment of Pacific Shipping Agency at Izmit, Turkey back in 1999 by Burak Akartas, founder and president of our Holding today. The agency developed to Pacific Shipping Group, a dynamic maritime group, active in all aspects of shipping, from chartering to operations and technical management to logistics. In the meantime the ever evolving Turkish economy and Turkey's geopolitical position led to our strategy for investing in construction, real estate, IT technology and logistics.