Dear business partners and friends,

Since the start of our corporate life as a moderate maritime agency at the bay of Izmit in Turkey back in 1999 the word “trust” has and continues to be our identity statement. Our agency was the spring board for the establishment of our shipping group and logistics services.

The way from beginning to today has been interesting to say the least. We were fortunate to start in rather good times and we owe a lot to all our reliable partners who believed in us, our potential, our word. We have been capable not only to sail through the never ending shipping crisis but to evolve and grow, invite and host more friend-partners in this voyage.

Our quest for challenge opened new horizons and Akartas Holding today encompasses activities in shipping, logistics, construction, real estate and information technology. The sectors are diversified but we always make “people” central in our activities, in our business, in our relations and this belief continues with us. We believe in our “people” and we believe in you “people”. We are confident in the blend of our traditional values with our ability to evolve and integrate new ideas and concepts.

We grew in size and over the last years many young people joined us who also carry the same passion that triggered the beginning of our Holding. We are confident that more will join us on this journey. We are confident that we will share the fruits with you, our friend – partners.

Best regards,

Burak Akartas